First Impressions!

Barcelona, Spain I already love you so much! Our jet lag is finally gone and we couldn’t be feeling better. My very first impression of the school was when we were picked up by the school on their “school bus” and thought, wow these students get to ride a charter bus to school, how lucky!  The teacher that picked us up from the airport is Claire and she speaks wonderful English but has an accent. She is extremely helpful and sweet!18119538_10154323826287181_8418942637636905591_n

We ended up at a different residence than we were supposed to be at and we are actually living with nuns who do not speak English so it is definitely an experience. Our first day at school was Wednesday because they had Easter break the week before and that Monday and Tuesday. We catch the school bus right by our residence which is convenient and we get to ride with the students! All of the students stared at us oddly but the second day they all wanted to talk to us which is really fun and entertaining. 18119010_10154323826477181_6093612868535778309_n

The view from our classrooms are unbelievable and I don’t think I will ever get used to it but the teachers and students seem to think its just totally casual! Us Americans….not so much. Sometimes we have to snap or pinch ourselves just to make sure its reality!

The students are extremely well behaved and have very high expectations from the teachers. In class the students are expected to have “good body language” at all times which means they need to be sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor, and their eyes on the speaker which their hands crossed on the desk. The students are allowed a lot more freedom during “patio” time (recess) and are welcomed to play freely. The students have a lot of recess time which I believe helps their concentration during class. Although the day is longer at St. Paul’s School, the students have about 2 hours of time outside of class. The students all speak and translate english which is so shocking to me, that impresses me the most out of everything. OH and how could I forget?!?! The cafeteria food is AHHHMAZING! It is all organic and the chickens are actually bought live then slaughtered for the students and staff to eat! Awesome! Every day the teachers are served wine, bread, and oil and the students also are served bread and oil. It is so neat to see all of the different ways of life and cultures!  I have had so many great first impressions of Barcelona and St. Paul’s School. I never want to leave!!!

Places we have traveled to so far: The City (Wednesday),Park Guell (Friday), Montserrat (Saturday), and Sitges (beach day Sunday)

Till next time blog! Thanks for reading!





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